Relay Protection

Parametrization and Configuration of the System in all Types of Power Facilities. Testing and Commissioning with the Latest Equipment.



Elaboration of Preliminary Concept Design, of the Main and Detailed Design related to Relay Protection of Power System.



LUKA-TEST d.o.o. covers three main business segments: design, feasibility study and relay protection. We have gained a lot of experience on international and domestic projects implemented by our highly educated employees.


  • Basic Design
  • Main Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Specification of Equipment
  • Expert Supervision

We perform design with AutoCAD and Eplan Electric P8 software tools.

Feasibility Study

  • Feasibility Study of Power System Optimal Connection
  • Feasibility Study of Power Plant Impact on the Network
  • Relay Protection Setting Calculation

We perform analysis of the Power System with DIgSILENT PowerFactory software tool.

Relay Protection

  • Parametrization and Configuration of the System in all Types of Power Facilities
  • Secondary Testing of Facilities with the Latest Equipment from "Omicron"
  • Functional Testing and Commissioning
  • Employee Training for Handling and Maintaining Relay Protection System

For offshore work purposes on power facilities, international STCW VI/1 certificate is available.

About Us

LUKA-TEST d.o.o. is the company established in 2012 and specialized in the area of power facility engineering. Our clients are large companies operating in the same area, electricity companies and related industry.

Based on our long experience on international and domestic projects, as a guarantee of quality, we can offer further services like design, expert supervision, testing and commissioning power facilities of low, medium and high voltage.

LUKA-TEST d.o.o. is the winner of certificate for solvency excellence presenting one of the most important European standards defining performance quality as internationally recognized feature of company's economic value.


We participated as the main contractor or sub-contractor in different project phases, including different power objects in country and abroad. Some of the most significant ones are the following:


  • Fano Synchronous Compensator, Italy
  • Požega Zapad, 110/10(20) - 35/10(20) kV, Croatia
  • Zamošće, 110/10(20) - 35/10(20) kV, Croatia
  • Senj, 33/220 kV, Croatia
  • Ferovac, 35/10 kV, Croatia
  • Mali Zdenci, 35/10 kV, Croatia
  • Pakrac, 35/10 kV, Croatia
  • Međurić, 220/110/35 kV, Croatia
  • Port Sudan, 220/110 kV, Sudan
  • Samobor, 110/20 kV, Croatia
  • South Hedland, 220/11 kV, Australia
  • Kotmale, 220 kV, Sri Lanka
  • Hope Downs 4, 220/33 kV, Australia

    Hydro Power Plants

  • Miljacka, 3 x 8 MVA, 1 x 5.5 MVA, Croatia
  • Kota 2, 3 x 4.7 MVA, Malaysia
  • Bistrica, 2 x 3.2 MVA, Montenegro
  • Grimsa, 3.15 MVA, Iceland
  • Alejandria, 2 x 8.5 MVA, Columbia
  • Krueng Isep, 2 x 7.5 MVA, Indonesia
  • Upper Kotmale, 2 x 80 MVA, Sri Lanka
  • Varaždin, 2 x 65 MVA, Croatia
  • Kariba North, 4 x 200 MVA, Zambia
  • Camlica, 3 x 6.5 MVA, Turkey

    Thermal Power Plants

  • Spin Valis Internacional, 1.5 MVA, Croatia
  • CoProB sugar factory, 17.3 MVA, Italy
  • Gevag – incineration, 6.3 MVA, Switzerland
  • ArcelorMittal Zenica, 15 MVA, 40 MVA, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Ugljevik, 350 MVA, Bosnia and Herzegovina


  • Spin Valis d.d. furniture factory, Croatia
  • NB500 Cutter Suction Dredger, Poland
  • Azerikimya Modernisation, Azerbaijan
  • Mellitah Complex, Libya
  • Mykonos Drillship, Spain
  • Platforms in Adriatic Sea, Croatia
  • Oil Refinery Brod, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Ras Laffan Port Expansion Project, Qatar

EU Projects

Title of the Project: Development of Capacity for Providing new Services
Code: KK.
Call for submission of proposals: E-impuls

Targets and anticipated results of the project

Capacity Development for Service Providing by supplying testing equipment will strengthen the position of the company LUKA-TEST d.o.o, and contribute to the new employments.

Brief Project Description

The target of the project it to develop current capacities for providing services by supplying specialized equipment which could enable us to provide excellent quality and all inclusive services, to achieve better market position and to become competitive on both markets, domestic and international one.

The basic activity is equipment supply in order to implement testing of relay protections on different power facilities.

The total value of the project and the amount co-financed by the EU

Total project value amounts to: HRK 445.592,75
Amount co-financed by EU: HRK 298.500,00
Project Implementation Timeframe: 2017-2020
Contact person: Luka Užar |